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Is your body needing some tlc....maybe some quiet healing ?

Well whether you're looking to recharge, destress, or decompress here at spiritually in tune I am in tune with what your body treatment needs are. I know Living in a fast-paced society creates a lot of stress , If we notice it, or not, it can take its toll on our bodies..... making us feel tight, rigid, maybe less happy because of unwanted tension, maybe feeling a little sluggish or even just sore. When this happens we don't always know what to do, or where to begin and, that's where I like to step in and be your helping hand on your journey, and path to healing ,and connecting with your body. Using such treatments as massage therapy, reflexology, biofeedback or energy therapy such as qi gong or reiki, I offer many different modalities to work with to help your body get back to where it needs to be, and where you would like it to be. Spiritually In Tune is located in Niagara Falls Ontario,  So whatever the treatment needs may be, or whatever your body requires I look forward to being your assisting hands along the way.
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