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Who am I & Why Me?


Hello I am Tammy ,the owner/operator/therapist at Spiritually In Tune ,to give a little bit of background so we can get to know one another I am focused on providing Holistic Health&Body services with the highest levels of customer care! I will do everything I can to meet your expectations ,help you to feel your best .With a variety of offerings to choose from i am sure you will always leave feeling your best ,also thank for trusting me to assist you on your healing journey !



 I have an extensive and wide range of education. I have been studying since before 2012, making it official again in September 2012 I began my new journey at the Ontario College of Health and Technology, after graduating with honours as a Massage Therapist, I then proceeded into the Ontario College of Reflexologist ,and became a Reflexologist in 2017, I continued to further my education with Hot Stone Therapy receiving Certification from the Hot Stone Therapy Massage School, I have also received Training  and Certification in Deep Tissue Therapy ,Abdominal Massage, Intro Oral Therapy with certifications in all areas in 2017. I have received training at the Ontario College of Health and Technology for Aromatouch Therapy. While piggybacking most of my studies I continued to dive further into the human body by taking a cadaver course through Western University receiving anatomy and physiology training to add to previous knowledge I began spending time at the Buddhist temple receded teachings of meditation as well as yin yoga , and then continued my journey into the spiritual side of the mind body connection, i started studying Koymo Reiki Kai/Du I had spent most of my life walking a path of a sage without any direction other than my guides and myself so with all this body knowledge behind me I figured it was time to collect all three levels and well I didn't have to seek very far one day at the Buddhist temple I ran into my Reiki Master Yvonne Kato. Yvonne originated from Japan and was one of the first women to sit in a Ghacha.She was taught by Sensei Hyakuten Inamoto and shared his knowledge and teachings with me. We connected instantaneously as she felt like another mother to me and our journey began after four years of study I learned more about myself than I ever anticipated about my own internal energy, connection to the universe, as well as my abilities to internally heal myself in many areas and then I received my Okuden in komyo reiki kai/du I am proud to carry the lineage passed down to me. I will forever be grateful for the things that I learned from her, I will carry them with me for the rest of my life. From this point the Great Creator connected me in another direction to further and complete what I had studied with Yvonne, and that's when I met Robert Young. Robert was a Master Medical Qigong and from the International College of Medical Chi Gong in China. A teacher of Daoist,and martial arts and founder of the tai chi meditation centre. I was fortunate enough to spend many years with Robert training in personal spiritual training as well as Medical Qigong, and now I am certified and recognized through the international Medical Qigong school in China as a Medical Qigong Therapist. Robert was another father for me, i have been blessed to have another set of spiritual parents on this earth before their time passed. Robert completed the piece to my puzzle with yvonne. I believe my years spent with Robert and Yvonne are invaluable, they were my extended parents and now my lineage. I will forever be honoured for this connection, teaching,and training as my journey will continue with this as my walk for the rest of my time here. In between I managed to find time to study biofeedback therapy and graduate from the international college of natural medicine, also receiving certifications in facial diagnostics and cupping therapy, continued my studies  becoming a certified RTT hypnotherapist recently in 2021so that is currently where I am bringing each and every aspect of all of my years of all of my teachings into one to offer and teach my clients.

I love people, and love to help people feel as great as they can,via mind, body, and spirit. I have lived through so much in my little time, I truly understand how much a body can hurt, and how sometimes the care that should be so simple is not and that is where I come in... I studied many different modalities to be able to speak many bodymind languages i look forward to our connection !!

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