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To whom it may concern: 

Tammy Rigg was a full-time student in the massage therapy program at Ontario, college of health and technology. Tammy had to overcome personal adversity to finish the program. She successfully completed her studies in 2014. Tammy has an excellent communication skill set. She has a very nice way in dealing with patients at the Massage clinic. She organizes her time appropriately and was an asset in the clinic. Tammy is responsible, and she demonstrated an incredible drive to complete a program where most would have quit under the circumstances that she faced. She is reliable, trustworthy, and punctual. Tammy has a wonderful personality which comes through and dealing with the public. She works well with others and is a team player. I would highly recommend Tammy Rigg without hesitation, thank you..

Nick Gabriele -Director of administration at the Ontario college of health and technology.

To whom it may concern:

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of reference for Tammy Rigg. I have known Tammy as her instructor at the Ontario college of health and technology, and can personally attest to her noteworthy accomplishments, both academically and clinically. Over the years, I have come to know Tammy I said, intelligent individual who's drive and ambition never supersedes her caregiving talents. More however, I have noticed a mark growth in Tammy's, intellectual and emotional maturity, both in the classroom and interpersonally in the clinic. Not only has Tammy repeatedly demonstrated her ability to manage. Stressful situation over the period of time I've known her more noteworthy is her willingness to accept leader, ship, and responsibility when the situation calls for such measures. Tammy is a dynamic, highly motivated individual who never ceases to amaze me with her energy, drive and capacity to develop genuine rapport with her clients. Tammy possesses the strength of a character. I have found to be quite rare in today's society, her interpersonal communication, skills, level of knowledge and proficiency with time management as well aswwork ethic leads me to State without a doubt the Tammy will continue to excel...

Sincerely, Dr. Alan J Starcevic (Hons). D.C

It is my pleasure to highly recommend Tammy Rigg as someone that I would definitely continue to work with and have worked with. Tammy has been my spiritual minister since 2022 and has a monthly help me in my healing journey, particularly in the dark time of my life. Her insight and expertise on spiritual matters are beyond measure. And Tammy, you will find not only a minister, but someone who is dedicated, gifted and living. Thank you for being a part of my life. 


To whom it may concern :

I am writing this to express my admiration, appreciation and sincere gratitude for the work that Tammy Rigg has done for our family. Tammy was hired as a private practitioner by my late mother, approximately two years ago throughout their time together their friendship blossomed into a deep, affection and mutual respect. My mother was deeply religious and God's loving woman, and Tammy's experience and love of God and pure natural spirituality was a blessing throughout their relationship, especially through the end of her life they often shared, spiritual experiences, discussed religion and their beliefs. And read the Bible together as a source of comfort and support . I'll showing nothing but respect and love for one another and their beliefs. Sometimes different, based on upbringing, but never too far apart. Throughout our difficult loss, Tammy has always remain positive, and supportive of all of us, and never wavered from her beliefs. She is never judgemental of others, opinions, or beliefs, and is always willing to engage in conversation. She showed us with constant support, and reminded us of God's love for us, even though the pain of our loss. It was so comforting and appreciated. I have personally witnessed her expressing love and spiritual guidance to strangers. She does not shy away from how God is willing to work in peoples lives, and warmly provides guidance, wisdom, love and loves to share the word, and his work with others. One thing I personally admire is her love of learning. She speaks truth, either on her own or through relationships of support of her peers. Her personal relationship with God has developed only by her thirst for wanting to know him more. And always driving to follow his will for her, and what she receives back from her intercession of others. Her personal growth in her spiritual, religious maturity shines through her

undeniably and unceasing. Tammy is a strong example of how God wants us to behave and interact with each other. Pure and genuine love for others. More of what this world needs. Warmest and sincerest blessings - Linda.R 

Tammy Rigg has helped me and my family with her service over the past years. I started going to see her a few years ago after I was very stressed out from dealing with my special-needs child for so many years. I was really out of balance for a long time. She did some deep tissue work on me, as well as used her biofeedback machine, which really helped bring me back into balance. Also her coaching and her spiritual guidance was very helpful and supportive for me as well. My husband went to see her as well for sessions and benefitted as well from the treatments. She did biofeedback and spiritual guidance and other modalities for him as well. More recently there was an energetics problem at my parents. House were a lot of negative energy was stuck in my family home. It was palpable for sensitive people. Tammy came over and did a full clearing of the energy in the house and it was so beneficial to the family and even guests to friends came over afterwards and they said that they could feel a difference in the house, and then it felt much better, and that the uncomfortable negative energies seem to be gone. This is great news for me! It's now more pleasant environment to be in also recently my elderly father has now become a client as well. He has lower back pain and has been suffering and Tammy has also become a good friend taking care of him with kind, loving, supportive care. Thank you so much for Tammy.

Love, Anita& Ewe &Family!!!

I am writing this review on behalf of Tammy Rigg. Tammy has been a tremendous support during very difficult times in my life. I recently suffered several traumatic events, and Tammy was there with compassion and empathy, and a listening ear. She provided emotional support as well as numerous resources that I could access for further assistance. My brother passed away, tragically in February and Tammy attended his celebration of life and helped many of the attendees and coping with their grief. She was a shoulder to cry on, and offered support in numerous ways. Her assistance helped reinforce and solidify faith that had been faltering. She helped many attorneys process their faith and grief. Tammy helped me cope with many losses over the last few years and help me realize what I still have in my life. Her support truly helped me and transforming my life. Tammy is kind and empathetic and compassionate and very reliable. She has always been available even in the middle of the night. There aren't many words for me to describe how much I appreciate Tammy for all she has provided. Tammy has not only help me, but everyone around her on a daily basis this world is a better place with her in it I truly believe thank you so much for being in my life..

Sara &Will C.

Tammy is such a beautiful and genuine, spiritual practitioner. Her energy is powerful and her skills are fast. Her connection to source is inspiring and I have used her for many different modalities such as energy, healing house blessings and cleansings. She is such an intuitive guide. I absolutely adore her. Thank you so much Tammy

love Lisa Ibba 

I cannot begin to count the ways. Tammy has changed my life. When we found each other, I was living in a stable, stagnant existence after the loss of my daughter. I wasn't able to look to the gifts of life because I could only see what I lost. Tammy change that from the very first time we met I felt different. I felt as if I had shed a skin. As time goes on the changes don't stop I believe my time in therapy is a necessity of life now it doesn't matter what is planned for my session I know I'm going to leave feeling renewed, energized, and ready for whatever life Has to throw at me and if I ever feel like today is too much I can always reach out to her for some love. I can't imagine life without her. 

Thank you for loving me Stephanie M.

Testimony of love:

I loved working with Tammy. I was exiting a toxic situation that left my mental, emotional and physical state out of balance. I saw her support in guidance. My nervous system needed some extra support and with Tammy I was able to get back to normal over a few months, I went from having many highs and lows to inner peace with her wisdom, emotional guidance, and support and inspiration. I am now completely off of anti-depressants and I could not have done it without her support. Thank you Tammy for your love, your support, your wisdom and your guidance your inspiration thank you. In her presence you will feel completely held and nurture while also feeling inspired to embody the healthiest version of yourself

I highly recommend working with Tammy whether it is for spiritual guidance or to receive support with your physical health. She will guide you back to self with ease and love thank you beautiful Tammy.

To whom it may concern this letter and review is in support of Tammy Rigg. I've known Tammy since 2014 at that time she was my massage therapist. Since our first meeting Tammy has not only been my caregiver but also it's become a close friend spiritual guidance and like a daughter. Because of her caring and compassion she has help me through many situations spiritual physical emotional and mental. Terry possesses a quality that helps her understand and help people positively in their situations of life in my opinion Tammy is a positive role model who has dedicated her life to helping people in need and I personally feel anyone that works with her will receive the same love, guidance and dedication as I did.

Love you lil Angel -Paul Leniarsky

I am writing a testimonial for the work of my husband and I that we have received from Tammy Rigg. My husband and I have been seeing Tammy for spiritual and therapeutic healing for approximately seven years. We keep coming back to Tammy as she is excellent at what she does in any type of therapy. We are looking for. Her knowledge in the spiritual realm is above average and extremely deep. We feel a sense of calm when we are done any of our sessions. She provides material to take home and is it available for any questions in a quick response if needed. Not only has Tammy assisted in physical and mental health, but she is also cleansed our house and read it of negative energies. She provided us with prayer to accompany the clans after the part was done. Since you're doing so our home has felt more positive as well as the energy between our family has changed. We trust Tammy and are extremely comfortable with her we are especially pleased with her promise of utmost confidentialities with our unique circumstances. Tammy has performed many types of therapy to cleanse ourselves. Our homes, our minds and our bodies. We strongly believe that her expertise in the spiritual unholy realm, has helped us achieve inner peace in our family and our home and understand where the negative presence is coming from and how to rid it ourselves. Tammy works with those energies and removes them. She follows up with us to let us know the status of our situation, and it's always there to have our backs. The knowledge that she has taught us is mind blowing her explanation of good versus evil entities, God, angels, and the devil has us listening at all. She explains in such a way that we understand and are able to follow. It seems like no question is too much for Tammy. We cannot express enough gratitude to her at her work she is a blessed, special human being, and we are fortunate to have found her. Nothing has been too big or too small, and Tammy is always willing to assist with a smile she even has our eight year old son, asking many questions about faith now and God even questions regarding holy water and how it helps at eight most kids aren't usually interested in these types of conversations. However, our son couldn't get enough of Tammy either. We hope this testimony finds you all well, and we look forward to working with you for many more years to come. Thank you. 

With Gratitude 

Mike&Sue R.


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